Report: U.S.-Based Plane Caught Bringing Arms into Venezuela

Google dyr3aq
Feb 9 7 Comments

"Venezuelan authorities have uncovered 19 assault weapons, 118 ammunition cartridges and 90 military-grade radio antennas"

Big, if true.


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  • New flippy
    "US based plane" is not government. This sounds like drug cartel. If the US military were arming somebody they would send hundreds or thousands of rifles.

    It's criminal gangs who buy small quantities of firearms like that.
    Feb 90
  • TripAdvisor owlwise
    The CIA did this in Afghanistan in the 70s and 80s. Dumped weapons into the region then sanctioned everyone and fled
    Feb 91
    • New flippy
      CIA didn't bring 19 rifles. More like 19,000 along with surface to air missile launchers. This just doesn't sound like CIA, this sounds like drug cartel buying a couple of guns.
      Feb 9
  • Varian Medical / Product

    Varian MedicalProduct

    Lol that’s less than 7 bullets per gun. What are these, California magazine capacity ban complaint “assault weapons?” I’ll bet most of these were unloaded and a couple had full mags.
    Feb 90
  • New flippy
    118 ammunition cartridges will fit in your pocket. This is not a government operation.
    Feb 90
  • OpenTable Meliodas
    What is a military-grade radio antenna?

    Feb 90
  • Symantec / IT


    Executive serving the Operations and IT industry for almost two decades out of the Bay Area. My passion is growing people into their fullest potential.
    God I hope they meant “magazines” and not “rounds”.
    Feb 90

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