Requesting a referral at Stripe, Square, Airbnb, Slack, LinkedIn, Netflix

Asurion doormat_
Feb 1 10 Comments

I am a backend engineer with ~10 years of experience and am looking for referrals.

TC 180K


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TOP 10 Comments
  • Lending Club Feb2019!
    Can you please add few more companies
    Feb 1 0
  • Stripe gill_bates
    Stripe referrals are not given special treatment, just apply.
    Feb 2 2
    • Stripe / Eng trumprberg
      Well, you at least get a guaranteed phone screen if they are hiring for the role. At least there’s that.
      Feb 6
    • Asurion ardbeg
      True, I applied and they rejected my resume.
      Feb 9
  • Asurion doormat_
    Should I add Lending Club ?
    Feb 1 2
    • Lending Club Feb2019!
      It shows you are practicing, not serious
      Feb 1
    • Asurion doormat_
      Says Lending Club
      Feb 1
  • Square / Eng xYz!
    There isn’t a huge difference between internal referral and online applicant. You should just apply on
    Feb 9 0
  • LinkedIn Weiner
    Hit me up for LinkedIn
    Feb 2 0
  • Cisco / Eng @@blind@@
    I too need
    Feb 1 0


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