Research paper on effect of coffee on health

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The problem is an old one - I drink some 2-4 cups of coffee every weekday. It has turned into a habit now. My wife thinks I am drinking "too much" coffee and I keep hearing *stuff* about long term health effects of coffee.

I am wondering if anyone knows of definitive research into the long term effects of drinking a significant amount of coffee every day. I am more interested in published papers than news articles or blog posts.


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  • Working at Oracle prob has a more negative long term effect on your health than a couple cups of coffee a day
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    Truth is - ALL large sample research from the past 10-20 years shows a strong positive correlation (at a very minor magnitude) with long term longevity when a lot of coffee is consumed every day (up to 6 cups)

    I have been unable to find ANY negative long term research (only small sample short term research on headaches and sleep quality).

    Originally, coffee was thought to have a strong negative effect on health. The early research did not control of heavy alchohol/ drugs consumption nor heavy smoking (it wasnt thought to be that unhealthy back then). As it turns out, heavy coffee drinking is often correlated with addiction and heavy consumption of these other substances which have been proven to be extremely unhealthy.

    For those lucky enough to only develop a pattern of heavy coffee drinking- this seems to be quite healthy
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    The problem with most research papers is that they utilize a confidence interval of 95%. So 5% of papers are nonsense.

    There are plenty of such papers. Many say it’s good, many say it’s bad. Chances are it’s probably both.

    4 cups/day is unlikely to be a problem unless you have other serious health issues though.
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      Thanks. I am going to read this later tonight.
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