Research suggests that randomly winning an H-1B visa makes US startups more successful

NVIDIA mex_w
Nov 7 10 Comments

We need more H1bs . We need smart people from indian than the illegal immigrants . More H1bs will make America great again ๐Ÿ‘


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  • Amazon subsonic
    We need more smart people from anywhere but we need LESS fraud and abuse from India as well.

    How can we get the good folks from India while sending the crap applicants packing?
    Nov 7 4
    • Intel Bacchan
      EB-1.5 ?
      Nov 7
    • Google / Eng muhnuchw๐Ÿต
      Less fraud would be nice.
      Nov 7
    • Apple KGHP41
      Start by verifying degrees
      Nov 7
    • Amazon subsonic
      Start by verifying accrediting agencies in India that accredit fake schools. This is a fraud the Indian government is complicit in.
      Nov 8
  • Facebook just_lucky
    Click bait and BS** study. Itโ€™s other way round, more H1B aspirants join established startups or startup likely to be IPO (for stability).
    Nov 7 1
    • Facebook just_lucky
      @intel: did you read the article? It claims % of start ups that went IPO or successful due to random h1b lottery wins. I said itโ€™s other way : H1b tend to join already established startups, due to large h1b pool, they do have more h1b picks in lottery.
      Nov 7
  • Amazon Family Guy
    They could be much more successful if they could hire predictably without any randomness. That is why cheap H1B spammers must be kicked out for good.
    Nov 7 0
  • New TLSg15
    Why from India lol
    Nov 9 1
    • Amazon Family Guy
      They donโ€™t say it because they give a slightest shit about US startups, they say it because it gets them one step closer to their sweet immigration. Hence the startups need not just workers but specifically Indian workers.
      Nov 9


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