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Capgemini xvdg
Oct 10 11 Comments

Hello Folks,
I resigned Capgemini my current role was AWS cloud migration engineer, I have total 3.4 YOE ,I want to build career in Machine Learning as I was good in stastics. My CTC is also low so is there any chances off Any referrals for me . I did around 40 certificate from DataCamp and Coursera MOOC courses.
Still I will be considered fresher ,I am doing kaggle practice as well.
What is your opinion in such situations ,any machine learning interview preparation materials to crack interview,please share as well.any advice for me


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  • GoDaddy fi4j48
    My advice to you is to improve your English. This was so painful to read
    Oct 10 0
  • Amazon real_bezos
    I suddenly feel like my 9 top tier conference publications in Machine Learning and optimizations, my grad research and thesis in Machine Learning, my work in Machine Learning are shit before a guy who’s got MooC certificates. Please tell me what those certificates are.
    Oct 10 5
    • Capgemini xvdg
      From : DataCamp
      Advanced Deep Learning with Keras in Python Data Visualization
      Cleaning Data in Python
      Convolutional Neural Networks for Image Processing
      Data Types for Data Science
      Deep Learning in Python
      Feature Engineering for NLP in Python
      Foundations of Probability in Python
      Importing Data in Python (Part 1)
      Importing Data in Python (Part 2)
      Improving Your Data Visualizations in Python
      Intermediate Python for Data Science
      Introduction to Data Science in Python
      Introduction to Data Visualization with Python
      Introduction to Databases in Python
      Introduction to Machine Learning
      Introduction to Python
      Machine Learning Time series data in python
      Manipulating Time Series Data in Python
      NLP Foundation
      Preprocessing for Machine Learning in Python
      Python Data Science Toolbox (Part 1)
      Python Data Science Toolbox (Part 2)
      Software Engineering for Data Scientists in Python
      Statistical Thinking in Python (Part 1)
      Statistical Thinking in Python (Part 2)
      Supervised Learning with scikit-learn
      Unsupervised Learning in Python
      Visualizing Time Series Data in Python
      Oct 10
    • Capgemini xvdg
      And now started Coursera with:
      AI For Everyone
      Machine Learning by Stanford University
      Oct 10
    • Capgemini xvdg
      @Rreal_bezos I am just started with ML , I can't afford and go for masters , so started with Online Courses , If above certs are garbage without grad research and degree then why so many people doing it across the world ,Every other post on LinkedIn I see people sharing completed Bla Bla Cert and rest people appreciate it. My intension is to get entry at ML job role and then go through bootcamp organised by company also I may go for nanodegree programm or vice versa. What is your opinion without mindeset of being FAANG guy?
      I started kaggle competition as well.
      Oct 10
    • Amazon real_bezos
      So here is the thing, when you apply for FAANG ML roles with those certificates, forget about Applied Scientists, which I work as, they won’t even consider those certificates for Machine Learning Engineer positions. Not trying to mock you, but no one gives shit about those certificates on LinkedIn. When I want to interview a candidate, I look at how many publications the candidate has, and what conferences did the candidate publish in. Even if you have one ICML publication, you’d have a shot at it.

      That so called ML by Stanford on Coursera, it’s not the total Machine Learning.

      I’d consider a person with one conference publication in ICML or CVPR over a person with 40 MooC certificates in ML for a job.

      After all, anyone can get those MooC certificates.

      My advice, do research, publish a paper, work on ML projects, then get experience. That would help if you can’t go to school again.

      PS: Before you say something, I went to Stanford.
      Oct 10
    • Capgemini xvdg
      Thank you real_bezos for your advice, I am positive minded person ,will try to publish at least one ICML or CVPR ,you set my another goal now onwards
      Oct 10
  • Facebook MCSW23
    Oct 10 1
  • Symantec GUsz20
    you need understand these certificates are of zero value. Datacamp is not the place you should start.
    Oct 10 0
  • New / Eng

    New Eng

    Android Developer with less than 1 yoe and 65K TC
    40 Mooc certificates. It depends on how good they were. Were they progressive, or just teach same, theory stuff. I would say, start doing ML, seriously and work on projects, maybe open source (Github?) And give interviews or just apply for masters and specialise in ML, and apply for FAANG
    What was your old TC? 12 Lakh per annum?
    Oct 10 0


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