Resting heart rate

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Nov 29, 2018 25 Comments

Lately my smart watch is telling me that my RHR is on avg in the high 80ies. And normal walking etc makes it between 100 and 110. I am not sick, but have left the gym for a while now.

Usually, my RHR used to be 57 to 65.

Should I be worried?

Other conditions are constant, like stress level etc.


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TOP 25 Comments
  • Google / Eng


    Seems pretty high. I would consult.
    Nov 29, 20183
    • Symantec / Eng0x80007005
      Which one, the rhr or the one doing normal stuff like walking
      Nov 29, 2018
    • Uber (Admin)
      Nov 29, 2018
    • Uber (Admin)
      High 80s is bad, particularly if it's abnormal.
      Nov 29, 2018
  • Dropbox drl/food
    That no nut November is really taking its toll.
    Nov 29, 20180
  • Dexcom xXhT11
    Get a high quality ecg and see if you have strong T waves. Some "cheap" ECG devices misinterpret the repolarization (the T wave) as a beat, and can give you false higher readings.
    Nov 29, 20184
  • Amazon / Product


    That is really high, you should check with your primary care physician, get exercise and improve your diet, which is the hardest for me. I got an Apple Watch recently too and those numbers are workout levels for me! Granted I also go to the gym 4-5 times per week and am on the leaner side. Sleeping heart rate is low 40s, resting and at work usually 50s-60s and workouts hit 155. And yes I know I workout late at night and I’m trying to fix this terrible habit.
    Nov 29, 20181
    • Amazon / Eng


      Is working out late at night bad?
      Nov 30, 2018
  • Cruise Automation mocca
    Happened to me after full-time desk job. About same RHR, then went into 75-85 just lying down. All the free food + deskjob and no exercise.

    Whenever I exercise consistently (for a couple months), RHR drops down to low 60s-70s.

    Blood pressure was always in normal range. But obvious my cardio suffered greatly.
    Nov 29, 20180
  • Microsoft / EngSenoritaWE
    Check your cholesterol
    Nov 29, 20180
  • Juniper Nishit
    How is your blood pressure? Normal range?
    Nov 29, 20185
    • Symantec / Eng0x80007005
      It is high, and strangely the diastolic is always higher
      Nov 29, 2018
    • Microsoft dvgz12
      Look up normal range for blood pressure. If your diastolic is consistently high, go see a doc
      Nov 29, 2018
    • Symantec / Eng0x80007005
      I will. Need to debug this shit
      Nov 29, 2018
    • Microsoft dvgz12
      Nov 29, 2018
    • Microsoft Jekyll
      Which values?
      Nov 30, 2018
  • U.S. Dpt. of Veterans Affairs / Other😃😄😃meh
    You are fine and healthy. Check your blood pressure but to be honest you are probably fine. Stop stressing out and go have fun haha. I work in hospital.
    Nov 30, 20181
  • Yelp Doberman
    If you aren’t going to the gym and are not eating healthily I can see why it’s in the 80s. It’s still within normal adult range but you should hit the gym.
    Nov 29, 20181
    • HouseCanary rBqo26
      The thing that’s of concern is that OP has noticed their RHR increasing significantly over time. This calls for a doc visit.
      Nov 29, 2018
  • New / EngMowgli ⌨️
    How tall are you? - your height can define Normal
    Nov 30, 20180

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