Restrictions on recruiting former colleagues may be void in California

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Nov 8 6 Comments


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  • Apple


    Stronger and more jacked than you 💪🏾💪🏾
    People recruit former colleagues all the time in California. There are ways around it. One of those is to have the hiring manager or recruiter reach out to the candidate (former colleague) directly and without your assistance in writing (email, online referral). If a company (and recruiters) wants top talent they will find a way to get that talent. 😀
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  • It’s a really good thing.

    Patents and copyrights should be the right avenue to protect trade secrets (it needs to be updated for the digital age).

    Then let employees flow to their best use and highest payment potential.

    This will help startups and competitors compete against tech oligopolies.

    Right now they have a “do not hire my guys” I won’t hire yours” implicit rule.
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  • Symantec GoRams
    Post full article. Doesnot work in incognito
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  • Facebook public2
    Non competes are never enforced lol
    Nov 8 1
    • OpenTable Meliodas
      They are in certain situations. When the company pays one to not compete as part of the exit package, for example.
      Nov 9
  • Amazon / Eng adEna
    Will be fun.
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