Capital One ppr1101
Aug 9, 2018 7 Comments

Does anyone have insight into what are some things PM recruiters look for on resumes. Things like rpm or apm


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  • Amazon / Product AxGj47bbgf
    You make it more than one page and you lost me. I hate to have to read someone else’ achievements and if forced i like it to be no longer than 1 page.
    Aug 9, 2018 0
  • Capital One ppr1101
    Does anyone have industry specific insights? I know the basics of a resume, but I’m not in the business world so I don’t know the kinds of skills or experiences that matter to PM recruiters
    Aug 10, 2018 0
  • Salesforce / Product Appstore12
    What’s rpm? I am guessing apm is Associate PM
    Aug 9, 2018 1
    • New / Product

      New Product

      Need leads to PM roles in SF. Thank you!!
      Aug 10, 2018
  • Microsoft Li8InBlind
    Aug 9, 2018 1
    • Amazon Pooper69
      Close the thread. This reply ^ answered it all. Thanks Li
      Aug 9, 2018
  • Yelp dubwubwub
    most places are looking for specific keywords that they're looking for. A consumer product may look for "consumer" experience on your resume, whereas a b2b business may look for "enterprise" experience, etc. They want to make sure you have keywords that show experience directly relevant to them. If you don't have the right keywords, it may not even get past the ATS...

    since I've been looking for a job I've been working on a tool to help me find the keywords in each individual job description so I know how I match up. lmk if interested, may help you too
    Sep 13 0