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I have some unusual educational creds and work experience. What's the best way to frame these in a 1-page resume to clear recruiter screens and get a phone screen?

1. I'm doing a part-time MSc in Soft Eng from Oxford. It's a classroom program for professionals, and I use my vacation time to attend modules. Should I mention this or leave this out? I usually leave it out to avoid confusion.

2. I'm simultaneously doing a full-time Master's at another top 100 university, in HPC. It's more mathematical with some systems programming and hardware/software performance tuning, mainly for simulations on supercomputers. I usually mention this, and my high grades so far.

3. I don't have a western brand name on my resume, but I've built high-impact products and scalable web services for a startup before returning to university (3 yoe). Should I mention the valuation of the startup on my resume ($5bn+)? Otherwise, I doubt a recruiter could recognize the largest startups in the world that's not in the western media (say Alibaba's Ant, or Toutiau).

4. I did multiple short contract gigs for clients in the US while in college, and I even co-founded a failed startup while studying. I usually leave these out to avoid confusion.

Are these choices optimal for clearing recruiter screens at Google, Facebook, Palantir, Apple, Uber? I know referrals work best, but I can't find (quality) referrals for these places.


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    1) are you working toward a cert for this section. If not what's the value to an employer?

    2) put under the education section with a date your degree should be completed by.

    3) I think mentioning the startup valuation is uncouth. In sales we mention large deals we personally close but I wouldn't mention the entire offices revenue number. If you worked on a project that saved your employer loads of money than a dollar figure would be acceptable.

    4) Would call this the freelance section keep it neat and scannable.
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  • New / Eng szh
    Also worth noting:
    - I do pretty well if being evaluated by an engineer, or via LC problems.
    - I have a Muslim surname (considering changing this), and I'm Indian, but probably benefit from being male.
    - Once a recruiter calls me, I've had two of them ask me: "your spoken English is impeccable, where did you grow up?" So I'd like to get to that stage quicker.
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