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Sandia National Laboratories
Mar 18 4 Comments

Have you used a professional resume writing service in the last 2 years?

I'm exploring other jobs and an about to drop 1k to help outline my complicated experience and just want to make sure I'm not being foolish.



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  • Facebook Probe
    lmao wtf? Just keep your resume simple, limit to 1 or 2 pages, no grammar or spelling errors, keep bullet points short and sweet, emphasizing results first then how it was accomplished. There I saved you $1k.
    Mar 18 0
  • Microsoft richardhea
    And we have a strong opening for the dumbest idea of the week competition. Your resume will barely be schemed - if you are willing to drop $1k on a page with your name, contact info and chronological job list to prove that you are not a hobo... well, good luck!
    Mar 18 0
  • Just to chime in on this. Don’t do it. I just forked out $1k for resume/LinkedIn writing and it was crap. I ended up very frustrated and did my own resume. Sent it off to a recruiter for a read through and was told it’s very good, easy to manage/change as need and it looks good to the eye.

    There’s no real secret. Keep it simple and to the point. Nothing fancy. As the poster above said those services are for people who get caught up and can’t get their resume on paper. I ended up pissed off and did it myself. I should have just paid someone to punch me as that’s what feels like happened.
    Mar 18 0
  • AT&T / Data Mr.Fix
    I actually provide this service as a side gig.
    I charge 1k for ~16hrs of work. 3-4 1-2hr calls to understand you and your desired placement. Going over tools to use to help u in the future, provide new resume, LinkedIn pages and do a mock interview or two.

    For some people I’m a massive overwhelming help, for others I’m more of a sanity check and a word-smith.
    Mar 18 0