Retention and layoffs after IPO for startups

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Feb 10 3 Comments

Kind of new to startup world, but is the average tenure for software engineers around 2 years? Or some companies have longer tenure? How about lay-off after iPo like snap and twitter? Is it a norm if the company stock does not do well ?


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    Tenure is super company dependent but I would say 3-4 years is average in tech.

    Regarding IPO and layoffs once a company IPOs there are huge pressures to become profitable or at the very minimum continue to grow revenue; if revenue is not growing then there will be serious pressures to both restructure and cut expenses
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    • New DvVM00
      why would you say that? based on what? do you study employment data?
      Feb 11
  • New DvVM00
    startups? may as well ask about “companies”. startups is way too broad a category.

    how do you expect to get a correct answer here on blind? you need to find a stats site.

    that said avg tenure probably close to 3.5y IMHO. i figure a lot go 5 years (full vest plus another year of disillusionment) and a bunch go around 2 years. 3.5 is about the midpoint.

    just my guess, no statistics behind it.
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