Retention risk ranking

Autodesk gemsbond
Jan 24 10 Comments

Do HR teams evaluate risk of an employee leaving by (sort of) spying on employee activity?
If yes, What are different ways HR team may do it? I suspect following methods but anyone with concrete info?
- Get an external recruiter to approach you with potential offer to check if you entertain them.
- Track your office laptop activities to check if you visit(apply for jobs) on job sites.

For leadership positions, HR must be doing this before giving big responsibility to someone.

(Update based on comments: I am refering here more about the 'silent' checks (as I said, sort of spying) by HR teams not about obvious retention risks that a manager or HR can assess based on 1-1/appraisal discussions.)


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  • GDDY has a retention risk score / flag. It’s not active (like scanning your browsing history or the recruiter example) but it is tracked. I’ve had employees brought to my attention by HR business partners as retention risks based on time in role without promo or below market pay. I would imagine higher level IC roles and SLT may be watched more closely.
    Jan 24 0
  • Apple AppleCar
    I know managers/hr flag employees as someone who may be planning to leave. This is usually done based on the manager/team feedback

    I have not heard of any spying in either my current or past company
    Jan 24 0
  • HackerEarth saveas
    Methods sound super invasive and potentially illegal! I would recommend an engagement survey such as CultureAmp to get candid and anonymous feedback on engagement and therefore your company and HR dept can address it through proper channels & improvements.
    Jan 24 2
    • Autodesk gemsbond
      Agree. But I am still curious if such methods are used for critical roles.
      Jan 24
    • dirty cops exist to whitewash execs dirty dealings to keep human resource costs low.....

      Of course they do. Often times they block from the other side....
      Jan 24
  • OpenTable Meliodas
    Most HR orgs aren’t staffed to do that level of spying.
    Jan 24 1
    • Autodesk gemsbond
      Well, typically these things will be outsourced so it's more about budgeting it rather than staffing it.
      Jan 24
  • It is in your best interest to signal it every year before you actually have to.

    Most companies are stupid and always leaves first, then retention bonuses to keep mediocre
    Jan 24 0
  • Do managers give retention bonus or equity to high performers who are retention risks?
    Jan 24 0
  • Microsoft ByeNadela
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