Returning to Data/BI Engineer or try moving to sales?

Toptal gOPQ83
Mar 21 5 Comments

I worked for 3 years starting an internal facing BI team at Adobe. Worked on Spark pretty extensively along with Redshift etc. I quit to work on startups of my own - sold one and failed the next. Worked as a Data Engineering consultant in between, but tired of the 80% travel life.

So I’m looking for advice if it makes sense to transition into a Solutions Architect/TAM. Will it be a huge hit to compensation? Senior Data engineer jobs I am seeing in Souther California are around 145k TC


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  • MedeAnalytics wtfa
    What did u end up taking ?
    Apr 2 1
    • Toptal PXxP64
      Haven’t accepted yet, but leaning towards TAM then going to architect within a year. But who knows
      Apr 2
  • Microsoft bing0
    TAM would be a great combination for you as you have a solid tech/business (startup) background.
    Mar 21 1
    • Toptal gOPQ83
      Career wise - what comes after TAM? I’m just worried distancing myself from Data Engineering puts me in a space I don’t know well
      Mar 21
  • MailChimp / Eng wwitb
    Check out Mailchimp
    Mar 21 0