Microsoft / Eng oieeeee
Aug 15 4 Comments

Got my rewards from my old team manager.
L 62
6 % target bonus
0 stock

Moved to new team last week.

How will this affect me in future.

TC 150k


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  • You're screwed for changing team at wrong time
    Aug 15 0
  • Thomson Reuters / Eng

    Thomson Reuters Eng

    That is below the target right??? For level 60, the range is 0 - 20% with 10% target, I am assuming level 62 should have higher range.

    So, u are underperforming? Doesn't look good
    Aug 15 1
    • Microsoft yikes__
      L60 and L62 have same range 0 to 20% and target 10%.
      Aug 16
  • Google burnItDown
    Well, it doesn’t affect because you changed team.

    Make sure you perform well on this team because this means you got 60 rating on 200. The median is 80-120.

    Your past rating won’t affect your next year’s rating if you’re in a different team. But if I were you, I’d try to see where things went wrong and fix that up for the year to come.
    Aug 15 0


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