Ridiculous Splunk ways

Apple Reviewshit
Apr 19 14 Comments

Interviewed there 3 weeks back, they had no recruiter and hiring manager reached out directly.. since then they are ghosting me, i mean its ok if I am not selected just say “No” don’t behave like a freaking dorm room startup.


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  • Splunk SPLUNKER1
    Suggestion- post your interview reviews on Glassdoor. Let other folks see it.... and hopefully Splunk management will take notice as well.
    Apr 19 1
    • Splunk aaaaab
      You do noticed tons of negative reviews are flagged and removed later on from glassdoor right?
      Apr 23
  • Splunk BFAv25
    Have to agree that our recruitment process is not the best :(
    Apr 23 0
  • Zynga CuriousABC
    They ghosted me as well - very incompetent recruiting? My phone screen went great - interviewer basically said they are looking forward to Onsite - and they ghost. I'd not consider them in the future for sure - too much time wasted.
    Apr 19 0
  • Oath / Mgmt Atinlay2
    “3 weeks back” found the....
    Apr 19 0
  • Apple babajkel
    They ghosted me after a phone interview. Bunch of incompetent fools..
    Apr 19 0
  • Unity / Mgmt thugelmo
    They spammed me the same linkedin message three times in 1 day
    Apr 19 1
    • Splunk KLeu28
      That's probably a sourcer, on contract. It's like a head hunter who hasn't gone solo yet.
      Jun 23
  • Splunk bacsgeh
    If the recruitment process is this broken, think about what this means when employee needs HR assistance.
    Apr 24 0
  • Splunk bahdhenkd
    It has been like that for a long time. Loads of people complained about that and they don’t seem to care to fix it. Go for another company.
    Apr 19 0
  • Apple Reviewshit
    They haven’t learned from it as so many people have similar experience
    Apr 24 0
  • Twitter hodgesodge
    Ghosted me after phone interview, eventually contacted the interviewer on LinkedIn and he said 'yeah we're pretty bad at interviewing'...
    Apr 19 0
  • New / IT RatBastard
    If you haven’t heard back you have your answer FFS. If you need a pat on the rear to make you feel better that’s OK but c’mon. 💩 you really want to be part of that?
    Apr 19 0
  • Tableau


    They used to be a great place to work at. Not sure what’s going on now!
    Apr 19 0