Riot Games Refutes DFEH Allegations

Activision Blizzard YXCVUe
Jul 7 1 Comment

What are your thoughts on Riot's response to the DFEH claims? Is riot in the wrong? Is DFEH taking an incorrect approach that slanders Riot?


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  • Riot Games utrr87ksi
    They haven’t done a press release on an investigation since google. It’s very unusual. I think they are trying to show people they are getting tough by doing it, which I don’t think is fair to Riot because we take reputation damage even though they’ve proven nothing. Government should only penalize when it proves fault.

    I asked a family friend who is a litigator to look at the court documents. Their opinion was that DFEH is in the wrong and it looks like Riot actually gave the things they are accusing Riot of not giving and that DFEH was also being unreasonable by not agreeing to hold employee data confidential until riot pressured them a lot. They also said this is snooze worthy early discovery and its weird to file a press release about it and felt like they wasted their time by reading it due to it being normal discovery process, not proof or findings or new information about anything.

    They said the press release would be like saying ‘we heard John Smith parks illegally, so we will be ticketing illegally parked cars this week in his neighborhood. Here’s an outrageous exchange in which he denies parking illegally, but consented to giving us his car’s gps records which we are alleging he didn’t consent to.’
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