Riot Walkout results

Activision Blizzard rC4Bsn
May 8 8 Comments

Did the walkout actually produce any tangible outcomes or results at Riot? Or was it meaningless?


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    • Intel babubhatt
      In your mind, are SJWs automatically low performers? Am I misunderstanding you?
      May 8
    • ADP / Eng ONrS07
      This reply says 1000x more about you than it does about the question asked.
      May 8
    • Microsoft ok2Bwhite
      Hey I’m not a fan of riot, but I also know a lot about SJWs - they fuel their own sort of toxicity, and Riot is full of raging Twitter twats.
      May 8
  • Apple etubrute
    So what was the walkouts about? Neutral impartial response only poor favor.
    May 8 2
    • Riot Games Ding Dong
      It was about forced arbitration for current employees. The concerned group believes Riot is protecting sexual harassers and abusing forced arbitration to silence employees. On top of that they are generally dissatisfied with the D&I efforts from leadership.

      I haven't heard much talk since the walkout, but I wasn't very connected to the issue in the first place.
      May 9
    • Apple etubrute
      Thanks for the update. Forced arbitration does suck.
      May 9
  • Riot Games aLwB03
    To be honest, the company already gave us a good answer about forced arbitration (we obviously won't drop it in the middle of active litigation but will look into it when litigation ends) so the walkout became more about expressing support for the women bringing litigation against Riot than anything else.
    May 9 0