Riot's side on the DFEH case

Riot Games G8ADN86R
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There's a lot of noise going on out here on blind about issues with Riot's culture. Riot isn't perfect but it's one of the better companies I've ever worked for, for sure.

Unfortunately I feel like a lot of this opinion is based on pretty biased and one-sided reporting. I'll be happy to turn this thread into an AMA. I'm sure some Riot people will also jump in and tell you that we are the literal worst company too. But yeah... if we are it's not because of it being a bad culture.

I noted that we quoted the Kotaku article below, but we all know that Kotaku wouldn't correct the record if it goes against their general narrative/agenda... And they did not post the clarifying release that I linked above. Perhaps evidence that we complied didn't meet their reporting goals?

In short, Riot provided the DFEH what they requested and despite that in a very unusual turn the DFEH decided to publish a press release without discussing it with Riot. They've never done this before--dont believe me? Check their other press releases. I'll let other people speculate why, but let's just say that there can be political motivations, right?


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  • Twitch nonezo
    I mean, why not just give the government the information then?

    That seems like it would have solved all this "confusion". Simply comply with the discovery request that the government asked for.
    Jul 3 2
    • Riot Games / Eng

      Riot Games Eng

      We... Did?
      Jul 3
    • Riot Games G8ADN86R
      Not sure if they didn't read the article... But yeah. We did.
      Jul 3
  • Activision Blizzard / Design Metzen
    I don’t think it’s politically motivated necessarily. Riots problem is they hired a shit ton of the SJW crowd, and they are hypersensitive and are going to take down the company from within. You do know they’re emailing congressmen daily, crying about injustice? I know because they’ve told me so. Check your slack.

    I follow a lot of Riot employees on twitter, they all have game union tags and retweet “woke” tweets all the time. Which is fine, if that’s the culture you want to have. Blizzard is sort of turning into that too, and if sucks. Management remarks all the time about how emotional all the new hires are. Some of the interns this year look like they’re going to cry because we ask them to make bushes or paint “boring floor textures.” This culture of entitlement is at a fever pitch. This is not how art is made, this is not how games are made.

    Look, Blizzard has much, much worse skeletons in our closet than Riot will likely ever have. But we also just have a lot grittier, old school group than Riot. Men with power are going to act the same way they’ve always acted no matter what, just stand up for yourself. Don’t be a victim.
    Jul 6 1
    • > This is not how art is made,

      calm the fuck down, andy warhol.

      brogramming brosephs who unironically drop SJW into conversation are the problem. not the kids 2 years younger than you who keep reminding you that it's not ok to keep posting links to 4chan; you know, the super "woke" ones.
      Jul 24
  • Riot Games conspiracy
    Riot gave them all the information. Government incompetence at its best.
    Jul 3 0
  • Riot Games V67jK
    Jul 3 0
  • Riot Games ecJU03
    I love that this is happening! Thank you, OP.
    Jul 3 0
  • Riot Games jadukn
    I dunno. Riot seems to be very defensive. It must be at fault here somehow.
    Jul 18 3
    • Riot Games G8ADN86R
      It's kinda damned if you do damned if you don't right?
      Jul 18
    • Riot Games jadukn
      Yea. I use this somewhat tongue in cheek because I see the same logic used around the office.
      Jul 18
    • Riot Games G8ADN86R
      Ah I totally missed the sarcasm
      Jul 18