Roku New Products TV

Samsung testing189
Mar 23 7 Comments

Got an offer for a Sr Software Engineer in the Roku New Products TV team. What's the team like and what should the total compensation be like?

Years of Experience - 5.5


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  • eBay / Eng Engg.
    What's your offered TC?
    Mar 28 3
    • eBay / Eng Engg.
      Great offer. Congrats!
      Is it after negotiation or before?
      Mar 28
    • eBay / Eng Engg.
      By the way is this Dev role or QE?
      Confused by your name "testing189" 😀
      Mar 28
    • Samsung testing189
      I had around 4 other offers. The name is nonsense. I'm a software dev engineer :)
      Mar 28
  • Bloomberg / Eng UFEn11
    Location? Austin?
    Mar 23 1
  • What was the offer? Please let me know.
    May 9 0