Role Hierarchy at Google?

Fastmail / Mgmt mi gente
Nov 17 28 Comments

What is the typical org structure at Google ? both in tech and non-tech organisations.

is it junior levels and then manager, senior manager, director, VP?

TC: nothing to be envious about


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  • Google fake ᴼᴾ
    Yep that's typical, or double ups.

    Could look like:

    Manager L5-6
    Manager L6-7
    Director L8
    Director L9
    Nov 17 26
    • Google / Ops Huhf13
      Fastmail - no. Why do you think this is about tenure? What a stupid way to do things.
      Nov 21
    • Google agite
      I'll tell you what's a stupid way to do things, huhf13: Not being able to grasp an idea that challenges your assumptions, despite people trying to explain in many different ways, and instead repeating yourself like a broken record.
      Nov 21
    • Google agite
      Do you understand the following statement: correlation is not causation
      Nov 21
    • Google / Ops Huhf13
      I do. OP desperately desires there to be correlation. This is not a Japanese industrial combine.
      Nov 22
    • Fastmail / Mgmt mi gente
      Huhf13, stop drinking. It doesn't help your brain cells child.
      Nov 22
  • Google / Eng Tier 3
    I only have 5 people above me, I'm L3
    Nov 17 0


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