Roles and responsibilities for 602 senior associate software engineer at JP Morgan chase

Intel / Eng UXkq52
Sep 5 5 Comments

I'm evaluating an offer from JP Morgan chase for a cloud security engineer role. Any thoughts on responsibilities for level 602? Is this equivalent to SDE 2 or SDE3 in companies like Amazon and Microsoft?


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  • Chase / Eng Ghjk60
    You should try to get them to make you a VP. It’s a heavily political promotion and if you come in as top of band for 602 you’ll be kind of stuck. Levels don’t really correlate super well to other companies imo. it’s a mid level to senior role. I’d say VP is more comparable to SDE3
    Sep 5 3
    • Intel / Eng UXkq52
      Thank you! Sounds like promotions are not results based?
      Sep 5
    • Chase KlTv28
      Nope, it is politics/chance based. Literally “impress these managers that have little to do with you in order to get promoted... but oh wait, this guy over here has been trying for a few years.. so we will just promote him instead. better luck next year!”
      Sep 5
    • Chase


      Neuberger Berman
      Can confirm it’s politics. There are people who truly deserve the promotion but they won’t get it because other people are in line before them, regardless of performance. A senior leader (ED or MD) has to be really enthusiastic about you and your performance to jump the line. Once you start as a 602, expect to stay there for about 2 years minimum before your manager will even nominate you.
      Sep 9
  • New oeeL53
    SDE1 -> analyst
    SDE2 -> associate
    SDE3 -> VP
    Sep 5 0


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