SAP Consulting - Want to change career from SAP into something new

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I know SAP consulting market is almost dead or pays peanuts in bay area. I think it is impossible to stay in bay area with that kinda of SAP consulting rates on top of paying the health insurance from your pocket... I was checking dice and with SAP search I can find less than 100 job postings and with python and R more than 4000 job postings in bay area. I am a US citizen and 15 plus years of exp in SAP tools. Do you guys advise on some of the new technologies that I can learn and make a career move or even going back to school like part time. I know Tableau, Python and R to some extend. I have programming experience in SAP's ABAP. Thanks in advance for the help.


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    go apply for jobs at SAP then start hopping from there. If that doesn’t work, Oracle should be hiring (Oracle ERP division).
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