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SAP / Data GGuB80
Jun 7 9 Comments

What are you guys salaries at SAP? I’m currently a temp worker considering permanent positions but I keep hearing the pay is low. Btw I’m a slightly technical ( SQL, various dashboard platforms exp) bus/data analyst on the East Coast. Any suggestions for continued training for higher pay also accepted.


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  • Akamai Technologies
    Slightly technical and higher pay don’t go well together unless you are bighead
    Jun 7 2
    • SAP / Data GGuB80
      High pay is relative, which is why I posted the question to begin with. Also asked for suggestions for increasing my earning potential. You’ve provided neither of the two, just stating the obvious and ignoring the questions🙄
      Jun 7
    • Akamai Technologies
      You always start with your TC first
      Jun 7
  • ABB Tigk06
    What is “TC” ? New to blind . Thanks!
    Nov 16 1
    • AT&T asd456
      Honestly if you look around other posts you should be able to tell. But TC is total compensation and before you ask the answer to your next questions is leet code and also you should know YOE years of experience, but remember it doesn’t matter if you Leetcode hard enough
      Nov 20
  • SAP johndoe
    127k TC in Bay area, swe with 4 YoE. Disclaimer: This was 2 years ago, I work for a startup nowadays which pays much better. Altogether SAP is extremely uncompetitive in the bay area. Stay away unless you have no alternatives at all or unless you really just want to chill.
    Jun 9 1
    • AT&T asd456
      Did you by chance work for their Silicon Valley next talent program? (... do you by chance know anyone who does)
      Nov 20
  • SAP RrWs73
    Get a software engineer position at SAP then move after 1.5 years for more tc
    Jun 9 0
  • SAP RrWs73
    Pay is low but competition is less. So learn the product, study let code
    Jun 7 0


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