SAP sponsorship question

Qualtrics / Other qualtricdo
Aug 6 25 Comments

We don't do sponsorship at Qualtrics. Hoping SAP does. Anyone at SAP know the policy? Would love to be able to hire folks that need sponsorship at Qualtrics


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  • Qualtrics oh_yeah
    Sponsorship for?
    Aug 6 22
    • Amazon boomerang!
      Kamiya, to make it clear. I rejected their offer even though it was a bit more than what I make at Amazon. I just wrote what I observed. I agree on 401k. As for summer parties they were there. Lunch 3 days a week is not a big deal (in my current team we have team lunch every week). I prefer to work at companies with strong engineering culture (at least at Amazon it is better than at Q), rather than scrappy culture. Anyways good luck to you too if you are at Q.
      Btw good luck guys when recession hits, companies will cut XM first, since it is nice to have.
      Aug 16
    • Amazon Kamiya
      We were talking about frugality, and it’s hard to beat Amazon on that. Amazon frugality is one big reason we don’t get good external hires.
      Aug 16
    • Qualtrics bootrics
      Boomerang I respect that and I agree that qualtrics engineering culture is definitely a step below Amazon's. But to say qualtrics is more frugal than amazon when pay is similar and our benefits exceeds Amazon's in nearly every aspect, is blatantly false
      Aug 16
    • Amazon Shetty
      After hearing about Qualtrics summer party from my friend, I would definitely say Qualtrics is more frugal than Amazon.
      Aug 17
    • Amazon boomerang!
      Shetty why is that? What was in summer party? I heard they had hot dogs for dinner as many as you want, seems generous. 😂
      Btw, bootrics@, pay is better only the first 3-4 years while you have initial grants. Even though Q claims to have refreshers, nobody knows how much or if it exists at all.
      Aug 17
  • Expedia Group cheeku
    Do you mean Qualtrics doesn’t do visa sponsorship or GC or neither?
    Aug 8 1
    • Qualtrics / Other qualtricdo
      All I know is we won't hire anyone who will need sponsorship in the future. So if you don't already have a GC, I'm pretty sure we won't hire (except for senior sde)
      Aug 9