SF: Living in Mission Bay vs Dogpatch

New bababaa
Feb 5 5 Comments

Mid 20s male commuting to South Bay. which is a better place to live?



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TOP 5 Comments
  • Mission Bay...easier access to downtown, freeways, and Caltrain
    Feb 51
    • New bababaa
      think I'm leaning towards mission bay
      Feb 5
  • Microsoft It’sOkay
    Dogpatch is hip and livable now and much less chaotic and dirty than mission bay. And as that Dogpatch develops more and the new stadium goes in up the street, residential neighborhoods down the street like the Bayview will also reap benefits to those who snagged a place earlier. I’ve done a lot of research and talked to pros and am buying in Bayview this year when the prices dip a bit more.
    Feb 51
    • Microsoft aai617vaL
      I’m buying a rental place in the Bayview right now!! It’s like the last frontier of SF and a solid 5-10 year play.
      Feb 7
  • LinkedIn void 0
    I don’t like how either neighborhoods are bisected by freeways. It makes them feel tenuously connected to the rest of the city. Potrero Hill is the worst when it comes to this, being flanked by two freeways.
    Feb 70

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