SF and Seattle worse than Southeast Florida

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Jan 8 8 Comments


Cities are ranked into alpha++, alpha+, etc by GDP and influence.

And SF/Seattle are far below Miami.


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  • Microsoft 👖onGround
    Ok Florida man
    Jan 8 0
  • Glassdoor BKFp41
    I think SF is overrated, overcrowded and dirty, why can’t tech companies move to a better place?
    Jan 8 3
    • Synack


      Like what better places? Think about where the talent concentration is - Bay Area has the highest concentration of tech workers.
      Jan 8
    • Salesforce / Eng :q!
      Talent will follow.
      New hires have to relocate anyways.
      New H1bs will move where company hires them.
      The rest will eventually follow as they see better and cheaper houses, better schools, less shitty downtown.
      Jan 8
    • Palo Alto Networks LWtE67
      You can make 500k as an engineer in the bay area after a few years of experience. Where else in the world can you come close? The benefits of bay area - income potential x2-5 DOE. Work on fun stuff instead of maintenance / status quo. Live in an area full of highly intelligent people, and party with billionaires whenever you want (even at local dive bars). Biggest pro is the "California discount" which means every time you go on vacation you spend less even including hotels than daily expenses locally. Cons - traffic. Work-life balance. Egos. Depends on the person, but personally while I hate living here after doing so for so long I still haven't been able to find a solid escape.
      Jan 8
  • Magic Leap rowknee
    Thanks now I can stop crying for a few hours
    Jan 8 0
  • New me2you.
    When comparing beaches then yes
    Jan 8 0
  • Fitbit jRn41
    Wikipedia is not a valid source of data ;)

    Also use whatever charts you want, Miami is trash and should feel trash.
    Jan 8 0