SFA at United Airline

Discover Financial UUMY44
Nov 1, 2017 5 Comments

How’s the morale, work life balance, and hours working at United Airlines? Just got a job offer supporting airport operations and am nervous to accept due to the lack of vacation days and work like balance/ hours in the office.


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TOP 5 Comments
  • Microsoft Eh
    I hear their walkout policy is brutal
    Nov 1, 2017 0
  • Uptake / Eng wtgfk
    Place sucks dick
    Nov 7, 2017 0
  • United Airlines txTd88
    Flight benefits aren’t even that good. Standby and it’s so hard to get a seat.
    Dec 13, 2017 0
  • Uptake betblack
    Only 10 days vacation and morale and such are low. Pay is low too. Only worth it if you really want flight benefits.
    Nov 2, 2017 0
  • Tesla pidof(me)
    How much vacation do they offer?
    Nov 1, 2017 0