SFDC 230k vs current GOOG 157k. Room to negotiate?

Google mintycheez
May 24 11 Comments

SFDC offer: 183k base, 15% bonus, 75k RSU in Bellevue
GOOG current comp: 113k base, 15% bonus, 110k RSU in Sunnyvale

We all know GOOG is better to work for, and a better name, but do they ever counteroffer with promo? Otherwise this seems like a no brainer.

Non-tech, 5 YOE.


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  • Salesforce / Eng

    Salesforce Eng

    BAE Systems
    Unless you love Google, go to Salesforce. Our culture is pretty good as well. You already have google on your resume.
    May 24 0
  • Salesforce n00bmstr69
    Go with SFDC, you won’t regret
    May 24 0
  • New / Sales SAEW12
    Doing back of the napkin math here you would be paying NET about $70k+ to work at Goog per year. Planning for the next 3 years after taxes plus 3% interest would be about $108,000. Is it worth paying that much to stay at goog?
    May 24 0
  • Expedia / Eng CQvV74
    $$$ non tech. Do it.
    May 24 0
  • Facebook


    Google, Microsoft
    SFDC of course.
    In Bellevue 183k is like 235k in Sunnyvale.
    May 24 0
  • Facebook public2
    May 24 0
  • F5 Networks baba-
    You will regret moving to PNW. The weather in Cali is worth the difference. Find another job in the Bay Area
    May 24 0
  • Oracle / Product

    Oracle Product

    Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Facebook
    OCI future is cloudy
    Whats sfdc? What role? Thats a big bump, esp adjusted for COL. yiud be crazy not to move
    May 24 0
  • Nvidia bdei51
    Salesforce has more room to grow. No brainer
    May 24 0
  • Grab strtup
    I think Goog opens more doors than SFDC. Career is long term so optimize accordingly. How hard would it be to go to SFDC from Goog vs the other way around?
    May 24 0
  • Grab strtup
    Goog. No comparison between SFDC and Goog. Goog has way better longer mileage with luxury (perks, brand value, culture etc.).
    May 24 0


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