SVP - principal program manager salary in NYC

BNY Mellon YpIL17
Sep 2 3 Comments

what is the standard program manager salary in nyc? i feel like i am under paid.

cs-160k + target 15% bonus (usually never paid)
yoe: 15 years in financial technology - program management

thinking about moving to a firm where i can work for next 6-8 years, a firm that values talent.

thank you!!


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  • New / Data JhYt70
    That sounds low for SVP. I am AVP with 1 YOE and getting ~145k TC.
    Sep 2 1
    • Microsoft quack236
      This is the TC for entry level campus hire at Microsoft
      Sep 2
  • BNY Mellon YpIL17
    Would anyone be willing to be my referral in NYC?
    Oct 10 0


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