SWE Plateau/Retiring

Qualtrics Jiggly🍑
Nov 17 5 Comments

What level do SWEs plateau? Senior swe?

Im in tech for money and absolutely hate it but I'm decent at it. If I could get to senior swe and make 300-400k TC and save for 5 years, I could retire with at least a million with my current savings. I don't want a big house in the city and just want out of the rat race.


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  • US Navy / Eng fps_doug
    How are you going to live the rest of your life with a 1 million nest egg? Genuinely curious
    Nov 17 1
    • Ticketmaster MxMz33
      There's plenty of places you can live comfortably on $50k/yr if you don't have a job. I imagine you move there and put your feet up.
      Nov 17
  • Google PvJl86
    Depends on the company. Most at Google SWEs plateau at senior engineer. They make about 300k-450k TC.
    Nov 17 0
  • Ticketmaster MxMz33
    SWE don't plateau. They just fade away.
    Nov 17 1
    • Qualtrics Jiggly🍑
      Maybe they plateau, save up enough, and quit forever like I plan on doing
      Nov 17


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