Salary Expectations 5 YOE Apple

Magic Leap kAmh22
Mar 23 11 Comments

I received an email from the Apple recruiter asking me for my Realistic Comp Expectations:

Current TC: 150k
Location: Miami
Role: Sr. SWE
YOE: 5

I was thinking asking for this.

Location: Bay area
Base salary: 170k
Rsu’s: 70k/y
Bonus: 20k
Total TC: 260k

Is this realistic? Knowing that I’ll be moving from Florida to the Bay Area. The cost of living is approximatively 57% higher in the bay.

Also should I give my salary expectations now or ask the recruiter to give me level and salary range first?


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  • Microsoft


    I personally think 250 in Bay will save you more money than 150 in Florida, at least if you're single
    Mar 23 0
  • MathWorks p8Rz2u
    1) Don't give numbers, at least not yet. Get level, pass interview then mayne discuss expectations.

    2) 150k in Miami is like 250k+ in SF. Be aware of this as you make decisions.

    3) Get competing offers, else all this is meaningless and they can just lowball you and not much you can do except for threatening to walk away, which can backfire unless you really are okay with walling away.
    Mar 23 5
    • Magic Leap kAmh22
      Thank you!

      1) I actually already went on-site but we never discussed level. I received that email asking for salary expectations few days later. I’ll
      Make sure to reach out and ask them for level and maybe salary range?

      2) Yes, I will, I’m ready to stay here if offer is too low.

      3) I actually made it past Hiring Committee at Google and I should be able to get an offer soon.
      Mar 23
    • MathWorks p8Rz2u
      Nice! Having offers from Apple and Google will make things much better. Google will probably outbid Apple though, assuming similar level.
      Mar 23
    • Apple / Eng cho Chang
      What level is google offering? L4? L5?
      Mar 23
    • Magic Leap kAmh22
      No level information yet, I’ve also never asked for it, I’ll make sure to ask too!
      Mar 23
    • Magic Leap Truth12356
      Finally got the numbers from Apple:

      It seems pretty low:
      Signing bonus: 50k
      Base salary: 150k
      RSU: 150k

      I am thinking asking for something closer to :
      Signing: 50k
      Base: 175k
      RSU: 250k

      What do you guys think? Is it feasible? I also don’t currently have a competing offer from google. Currently doing team matching.
      May 31
  • Apple RcvW67
    Yes it’s realistic and you might even be able to do better based on the level you get in. If it’s ICT4 then you might get more. If it’s ICT3 then this salary is on the higher side...
    Mar 23 2
    • Magic Leap kAmh22
      I’ll make sure to ask for level. I already did the on-site but we never discussed level. Do you think the recruiter will give me the level? The job description says 4+ YOE req
      Mar 23
    • Magic Leap Truth12356
      Finally got the offer: 150k / 150k / 50k thinking about asking for 170k / 250k / 50k what do you think? I got lowballed I think since it is suppose to be for a senior role based and the discussion I’ve had with them.
      May 31
  • Magic Leap Truth12356
    Got the offer:

    Base salary: 150k
    Rsu: 150k (4 years)
    Signing bonus: 50k

    Total TC: 237k

    What do you think? I feel like it is a little low and should be closer to 260k.
    May 29 0


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