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Microsoft user_micro
Jun 9 12 Comments

Posting on behalf of a friend:

Title: Technical project manger salary in Walmart GBS, Arkansas

Hi, I’ve been offered TPM role in Walmart GBS, Location: Bentonville, Arkansas. Haven’t reached the negotiating stage yet but HR informed total salary including base, stocks and bonus will be in the range of $100k-$110k. Exact distribution isn’t known yet. I’ve 3 years of work ex and I believe the level is 74, the next position after my role is of senior TPM. I will be moving from a different state, and still need to talk about relocation, signing bonus.
Anyone who has an idea of how good the offer is and how much can be negotiated based on the info provided. No clue about Walmart pays so any insight will be appreciated.



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  • CVS Health zzwJ42
    Wtf? You're moving to walmart from msft? 🙄
    Jun 9 5
    • He’s posting on behalf of a friend
      Jun 10
    • CVS Health Canada🇨🇦
      Lol, he updated his post later 😁 . Don't know when will these 'Asking for a friend' posts stop 🙄
      Jun 10
    • Lol it’s all cool. People need help. But blind should have an option to post on behalf of friends
      Jun 10
    • Microsoft user_micro
      Hey CVS don’t piss me off otherwise I will ask Satya to buy CVS for a day and sell it to Walmart for a cheaper price.
      Jun 10
    • CVS Health Canada🇨🇦
      Lol, what are you talking about? You don't know a s*** about cvs. Go check the wiki and educate yourself.
      Jun 10
  • New tapR56
    next go to albertsons
    Jun 10 1
  • Any update?
    Jun 12 1
    • Started with 80 and ended at 90 base. Looks like thats the entry level tpm salary
      Jun 17
  • / Eng QXHR44
    I'll advise that RSUs usually offered are worth $20k at the time of signing on. In my 2 years of vesting here at Walmart, the value of the stocks are now worth $30k and I'm only vested halfway. As for salaries, I'm clueless about TPMs. They usually pay less compared to tech companies because they don't consider themselves tech companies, but retail companies. As for Bentonville and the climate crisis, I hear they have a lot of tornado drills.
    Jun 10 1
    • Is there any signing bonus or relocation provided by Walmart ?
      Jun 10