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I am a full-stack software engineer at a mid-sized tech company in bay area.
Base: 150k
RSU: 80k (20k/year)
Refresher: 6k/year
Yoe: 6
Total comp: 176k

1) Is this the average salary in the bay area or I am being underpaid?

2) Also, I want to start interviewing. The problem is, the technology stack that I have been working on in my current company is an age-old framework. So I might have to upgrade myself as well.

3) In my current company, the managers don't care about new learnings or upgrading the stack. They just want to get things delivered. How do I upgrade myself?

4) Additionally, everyone is married or have kids, so '30s and '40s engineers seem very relaxed, they get work done from the new grads or mid-level engineers. Looking at everyone else, I have started to become complacent.

What I am looking for from the blind community: I am looking for a starting point or a motivation to start looking and some tips on how to succeed.


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  • Sauce Labs blind pug
    1) you're not underpaid, but you can always do better
    2) don't worry about your 'stack'. Most modern languages utilize similar paradigms and hiring managers generally are not super concerned with specifics rather than 'are you smart and motivated'
    3) upgrade yourself with personal projects or open source contributions that implement whatever you think is more current
    4) challenge yourself. You only get to go around once. Don't coast through it.

    If you're looking for motivation, I suggest you take a trip and spend some time thinking about what you want to create for yourself. Out together a compelling 5 year plan and go get it!
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  • to say you’re getting underpaid or compensated well w/o knowing your level of education or the tech/domain you work in would be ignorant.
    domains a major deciding point since some industries are more lucrative than others - ie: self driving/robotics swe vs. e-commerce swe.
    moreover, someone who is a phd grad w/6 yoe vs. a undergrad w/ 6 yoe at a mid sized startup would be getting paid differently. given that you’re a undergrad w/6 yoe and you’re acknowledging that the tech stack you currently operate in, limits your capabilities to grow as an engineer, — i would turn around and ask myself, is taking a 10-15% pay cut for 6-12 months, be worth the opportunity to learn what you need and use that as a stepping stone to something greater?
    at the end of the day 176K tc for a 6 yoe swe sounds decent. nothing like google but again, no idea what domain/level of education you’re at. second, if you’re limited to a certain stack and limited to the exposure to cutting edge shit out there, i’d encourage you to contribute in open source projects available via github. most times, these projects available have a lot of basic shit being requested — hoping to be fulfilled by jr folks looking to get exposure.
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  • Expedia Group / Eng getmesfjob
    Honestly i am similar to you and i asked this question on Blind. My offer was 155k+ 20% bonus. Everyone on blind told me to reject it.

    I recently spoke to a recruiter at Turo. He said they pay 50th percentile. Meaning the median salary of the bay area. He didn't say how much the salary is. But AFAIK it's around 200k
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