Salary for a Sr UX Researcher in the Bay Area?

New / R&D zipzap1
Feb 7 13 Comments


7 years international experience across agency, government, e-commerce, and enterprise software. Worked on some fairly high profile projects and I have a polished user research/HCI portfolio

MSc in Human-Computer Interaction

Looking to get a feel for what my market value is in the Bay Area


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  • Amazon hot 🍞
    Why couldn't a technical pm do your job? I don't understand the value of your role
    Feb 7 7
    • New / R&D zipzap1
      That’s pretty alarming that you don’t understand the value of UX Research, especially if you’re working in tech. From my understanding Amazon has a fairly thriving UX Research culture. Are you working along side any of them or exposed to their findings?

      During your studies did you not take any HCI classes? This is fairly standard for most CS degrees.

      In short the value of UX is ensuring that you’re actually building something user see value in and that is solving a legitimate user need. Imagine spending good time and money developing a project in isolation only to find that users don’t need or want what you’ve built. This is the value of UX Research, ensuring that their is a legitimate evidence base for what is being built and then incrementally improving. Legitimate UX Research talent have a fairly specialist skill set in tech and fairly rare so I just wanted to know what my value amongst companies that understand it’s value would be
      Feb 7
    • Microsoft qrstuvwxyz
      Exactly hot 🍞, you don't!
      Feb 7
    • Amazon hot 🍞
      Just seems like a role that could be summarized as a report that's quickly reviewed in a meeting. For example, set up longitudinal questions related to business, capture data in database, automate report, rinse and repeat. Not trying to step on toes but clearly I'm not communicating effectively, sorry.
      Feb 7
    • New / R&D zipzap1
      No worries, everyone has their fields of expertise and stuff. The process you described is way off the mark.
      Feb 7
    • Google ODaK24
      Aug 6
  • New / R&D zipzap1
    Do people actually not understand what UX Research is or the value of Human-Computer Interaction Research?

    This is pretty alarming on a tech related work community 🧐
    Feb 7 1
    • New DvVM00
      most people even tech workers think stuff that is easy to use is easy to develop.

      then you have the masses who develop crap frameworks like the one this very app is written in
      Feb 7
  • Roughly
    160 base
    10-20% bonus
    50-90k RSUs

    Talk to a recruiter though. They’ll know.
    Feb 7 2


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