Salary negotiation with the BigTech companies

Capital One YhFV54
Apr 5 4 Comments

Any tip on how to get the figures right when negotiating salary as an SE with the BigTech companies (Facebook , Google, Microsoft, etc) in an area (In my case DC) other than CA without without being short-changed ? . I am asking because I am aware that the hiring companies put cost of living into consideration.


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  • Amazon / Eng leavinasap
    Been there. The only way to negotiate with them effectively is to have competing offers from other "BigTech" who they see as a talent poaching threat.
    Apr 5 2
    • Dailymotion Sznp07
      Do you actually have to show them the offer? will they ask you to show it?
      Apr 8
    • Amazon / Eng leavinasap
      Yes. Google recruiters are, in my experience, shameless enough to ask for proof.
      Apr 8
  • Expedia #Random#
    Target a TC and create a grid for possible ways to get there (base, bonus, equity)/yr. Know your worth and always negotiate, competing offer or not.
    Apr 5 0


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