Salary senior product manager at salesforce ?

Salesforce / ProductYTLE74
Sep 19, 2018 5 Comments

What is the base, bonus and RSU per year for a senior prod manager at salesforce


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  • Salesforce Pd2018
    165-185K, 15%, 15K. This is for existing loyal employees. For new candidates am sure this number will go high - specially RSU.
    Sep 20, 20180
  • Salesforce y23SaL
    OP, you seem to be in product. What’s your level, yoe and TC?
    Sep 20, 20180
  • Salesforce VjJn37
    Range can vary widely. Probably looking at 175-200, 15%, 25-35K.
    Sep 20, 20180
  • Salesforce vcUW05
    Annual bonus is fixed at 15%.
    250 TC is attainable for existing employees.
    Sep 20, 20181
    • Workfront / Other


      Where the office is located?
      Sep 21, 2018

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