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Yahoo gUnn55
May 2 3 Comments

Interviewing for a sales role at Qualtrics in the Provo office. Are goals reasonable to hit? How is the culture? Is there a lot of micromanagement?



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  • Qualtrics qPuiXyu
    Provo office seems to have a very high % of non-Utah people. Sales culture seems pretty good, everyone is very happy — quotas seem attainable and should get easier with help from SAP purchase. I’d recommend it. I think Provo just got a bunch of new snacks/treats/candy as well.
    May 2 0
  • Amazon / QA pawUI
    I stayed far away. Heard murmurs about it having Mormon roots. Could be false but not something I want to contend with in this day.
    May 2 1
    • Yahoo gUnn55
      Yes there are Mormon roots but in my current role the leadership is Mormon and it hasn't bothered me at all so it opened my eyes a bit. Socially there is a natural separation so no problem there. Liquor laws are annoying but you get over it.
      May 2


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