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Why is it so hard for people to realize that Time Warner Cable was bought out and even though the Spectrum did not change again that when they talk about Charter Communications is a new company .
Charter is the 2nd largest cable provider in the United States I promise they did not get there offering bad products or service. In fact they have giving this area what they have asked for years
1) Offer something to folks with low/fixed income,
Single mom's with school age children a program
That they can afford - 🆗 DID THIS
2) Don't use home only my mobile if you had a mobile service. We would sign up and bundle.
Would love one bill 🆗 DID THIS
3) Bring cable out to the more Rural areas and not charge me my yearly salary to hook to my house 🆗 DID THIS
5) DON'T CHARGE over $200.00 for the basis channel lineup - 🆗 DID THIS. have 3 great tv packages to choose from

The list could go on with the improvements that have been made but, yet they still want more all the things the company does to improve to satisfy customers demands cost money. The customers don't feel they should have pay for anything and Charter Communications truly is the. Best and they do not shoot your rates sky high after a year no contract. Help me to understand


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  • Facebook public2
    Help you understand why no one like charter? Sure: poor quality product, high prices, and terrible customer service. Is that enough?
    May 8 1
    • Oracle pzd
      And don't pay people to troll on internet forums about how awesome you are. Is this what marketing has become?
      May 8