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Oracle KRPz66
Mar 7 10 Comments

Hello friends

I am close to get an offer from SalesForce in development leadership role ( sr. Director).

Need pointer what can be good offer number in terms of base/bonus/RSU.


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  • Salesforce hfgnntunv
    Just don’t. If by Sr. Director level you can’t make a decision without consulting rumor mill, you should just stay at Oracle
    Mar 72
  • Salesforce HHLm58
    Damn! Way to be all Ohana :)
    Mar 70
  • Salesforce / MgmtGQch66
    I was an L10, though not at HQ, and came in via acquisition, so I probably can't help with an expected TC.

    Who would you be reporting to?
    Mar 82
    • Salesforce / EngDltF00
      Mar 20
    • Salesforce / MgmtGQch66
      It was worth a shot. FWIW, it's also been 11 months since I left SFDC
      Mar 20
  • This comment was deleted by original commenter.

  • Salesforce oaco03
    Unsure about that department, but Sr. Director outside of engineering should make ~235+ 20% bonus and then a small amount of RSUs (maybe 200 over 4 years)

    Just an estimate each team is different
    Mar 230
  • Neustar Datamaton
    You won’t find a lot of senior level folks who are active on blind. Some do lurk, but they are mostly silent.
    In any case there are fewer Dir+ folks anyway.
    And lastly, I will sadly agree with Salesforce. If you cannot search the forums and piece together for yourself what you are looking for, people will question how you got to that senior level in the first place.
    Mar 70

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