Salesforce : SMTS to Engineering Manager

New / Eng Kirk๐Ÿ
Oct 6 5 Comments

I am interviewing for salesforce SMTS position and I wonder if I can move to Engineering Manager after SMTS or do I have to get to LMTS first.

I have 8 years of SW-Dev Experience and I feel I am hitting a wall when it comes to growing as an engineer. What other options do I have inside Salesforce for someone who wants to transition from being a developer.

I love technology and was a C++ & Python developer at one point. What are my options?

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  • SAP opuygjg
    8 yoe should already be a LMTS.
    Oct 6 2
    • New / Eng Kirk๐Ÿ
      Things sometime take its own time. Do you work at Salesforce? Can you give input to my question?
      Oct 7
    • SAP opuygjg
      I'll be joining soon. Sorry mate, can't provide answer to your ques. Was just saying that you can push recruiter for higher role based on ypur yoe.
      Oct 7
  • Salesforce iwereu
    SMTS to eng manager is very much possible. It has to happen within same team though. So if your team doesnโ€™t have one, you can move to another that might have a manager role opened, but you will move as smts and after a quarter you can transition to manager. Many smts move to manager role within same team
    3d 0
  • Microsoft / Eng oieeeee
    What was your level and offer
    Oct 7 0


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