Salesforce Bellevue referral needed!!

Microsoft sm48nr35
Sep 10 2 Comments

I gave my Salesforce hackerrank followed by onsite about a month ago for LMTS position. It was with the security org. LC did not help much, since the questions were not from the Salesforce LC list I prepared πŸ˜‚.

I thought my onsite went very well, but my feedback was like. β€œYou did very well, no negatives, but the team said they have found a different candidate who was a very close fit”. The recruiter mentioned that I will be considered for other teams and also encouraged me to apply for other orgs here in Bellevue. No ban for 6 months or anything like other companies. I read in glassdoor that if the feedback is positive other teams will still consider. Is it possible to try other teams here in Bellevue or even SFO teams and work from Bellevue (Glassdoor says Salesforce is very flexible with location)?? Any inputs appreciated!!


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  • Salesforce / Eng turI33
    DM me..
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  • Salesforce / Eng m3p
    PM me and I can do it
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