Salesforce Employees: Do you use the company iPhone, or do you carry two phones?

Simplus MoonMan
Nov 4 7 Comments

I am joining SF and they sent me the mobile device sign up. I see some people at Salesforce carrying two phones. Is this because Salesforce monitors the phones or for other reasons? What do you do personally?

Does the company phone have other limitations for things like Hotspots, or apps you can install?Lastly, do you know if you can pay to upgrade to a nicer phone than the XR? If not i'll likely just give the XR to a family member and change SIM cards to an 11 max for me.

It seems trivial, but privacy is privacy and we live on our phones.


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  • Salesforce ICML 2013
    Two phones; one for war, one for honor. One to kill, one to decapitate. One for murder, one for suicide. Katanandroid and wakizashiphone.
    Nov 4 2
    • KPMG KPMG2
      Wow. 0 to 60 too fast hahaha
      Nov 4
    • Salesforce MGlo47
      60? Have you been grinding dungeons or what.
      Nov 4
  • Goldman Sachs cashnocard
    One for the b*tches and one for the dough
    Nov 4 0
  • Apple / Eng Everybody
    Day phone and night phone
    Nov 4 0
  • Yonder Jep beezo
    One for every hour
    Nov 4 0
  • Salesforce XIFp50
    Corporate phone can be iOS or Android. Both have mdm and the policy of what they monitor is clearly spelled out. But increasingly you also need to be on the vpn. Personally I don’t access personal data, banking, email, etc. on any corporate device so I have the work phone for work and a personal phone for personal. Likewise with laptop.
    Nov 5 0


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