Salesforce Lightning - Still an Embarrassment

Amazon gemalto
Feb 12 8 Comments

When are you guys going to accept the truth of failure and deprecate Lightning? Who is actually responsible for this atrocity? Is it being used internally yet? When can we consider ourselves liberated of being beta testers 5 years after a failed launch?

Salesforce employees, you should organize a walkout. Bring back your customers' trust by standing up to whoever has ruined the platform.


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  • Salesforce hypeforce
    It is getting better ... Though not a smashing hit for sure. But you would expect a backlash when you have 200,000 enterprise customers with millions of users using the same UI for 20 years, are faced with learning a new UI.

    Worst aspect is that there are some functionalities that only exist in classic. So users may need to occasionally switch back and forth, despite being told by salesforce to embrace lightening like neighbor's wife.
    Feb 13 0
  • Salesforce jjjb
    Lmao people who thinks it's a failure aren't leveraging it well enough. Plz go back to terminal and give up on your ide it has too many buttons
    Feb 13 3
    • Salesforce op
      Easy on Kool aid.
      Feb 13
    • Salesforce jjjb
      Fuck Koolaid. people just hate change. Quip is distinctly different from gdoc and gdoc sucks ass sometimes but God for bid you mentioned quip around Salesforce employees and everyone quickly jumps on shit talking it with no real arguments. Yeah lightening and quip aren't 💯 but people are so easy like this Amazon king to just say shit product when most people who have adopted them and learned to use the best features of these products don't have many complaints like the yuge iq kids who haven't used it for more than 5 hours.
      Feb 13
    • Salesforce leroyjnkns
      That’s because Quip is garbage. The only people who claim to like Quip are the ones who want to say so in front of their management so they can be seen drinking the Kool Aid.

      Lightning is still bad, but getting better. Yes it’s pretty, yes new features are cool, but it’s so slow, and wastes screen real estate. 4 columns in a related list? No way to turn off it’s infuriating caching behavior? Come on...
      Mar 2
  • Relativity JMTaylor
    Lightning is slow, renders browser add-ons useless, and is bloated.
    Nov 6 0
  • New Adamned
    Can the OP explain WHY he holds this opinion? Salesforce before lightning was an atrocity. First time I saw a salesfuy open up the Salesforce dashboard I had to run to the bathroom and puke. Lightning is leagues better. Now if you mean the roll out has been a mismanaged disaster that's another story.
    Feb 20 0
  • Salesforce roninXYZ
    Ohh we were forced to use it internally years ago. Slowly getting used to it, with some minor local css tweaks... In some areas better. Also slowly improving
    Feb 13 0


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