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Sony wkdhsusb
Aug 20 7 Comments

What is the high range of SMTS offer (Senior member of Technical Staff) from Salesforce ?


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  • New / R&D LangeSohne
    Around $260k, give or take $10k.

    A friend of mine received an offer of $200k base and $120k in RSUs vesting over four years. The target bonus at SMTS is 15%, so that comes out to $260k TC.

    He had a higher competing offer but was told he was receiving an offer at the very top of his band, and he had already negotiated them up.
    Aug 20 1
    • Sony wkdhsusb
      Thank you so much for the info
      Aug 20
  • Tibco software / Eng !mlikoj!
    Should definitely be more than that. My offer is for 240K but the title given to me was MTS.
    Aug 27 4
    • Sony wkdhsusb
      Can you share your breakdown ?
      Aug 27
    • Tibco software / Eng !mlikoj!
      Aug 29
    • Salesforce D4v63n1044
      You have 240k stocks over 4 years?!
      Aug 30
    • Sony wkdhsusb
      Wow that’s seems like a lot. I got 125 for SMTS.
      Aug 30


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