Salesforce Security Engineering - Culture / TC / Anyone with experience?

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Apr 17 15 Comments

Anyone on here work or worked at Salesforce in a security engineering role?

Remote vs office? I kind of like working in offices... but flexibility is nice.

Work life balance? Good leaders and culture?

Examples from their site:

Network Security Engineer- GIA

Security Incident Handler

Security Standards & Integration Manager

Infrastructure Security Engineer: Penetration testing, networks, infrastructure, secure software development lifecycle, vulnerability assessments and remediation. Work with Infrastructure engineering teams throughout the SSDL to ensure their efforts are secure.

Director/Sr Director of Infrastructure Security Engineering: Lead a team of Infrastructure Security Engineers, interact with stakeholders within and outside of Salesforce. Create a well-oiled machine of breakers and builders.

Product Security Engineer: Penetration testing, applications, products, secure software development lifecycle, vulnerability assessments and remediation. Work with Product engineering teams throughout the SSDL to ensure their efforts are secure.

M&A Security Engineer: Static code analysis, penetration testing, code assessments and remediation. Find vulnerabilities in the products of Salesforce’s acquisitions, drive remediation and adoption to Salesforce’s security standards & practices.

Enterprise Security Engineer: Penetration testing, networks, infrastructure, vulnerability assessments and remediation. Work on products from third parties and enterprise proprietary systems to ensure security before being added to Salesforce’s ecosystem.

GRC Manager, Compliance Manager, Compliance Engineer, Security Risk Manager

Government Cloud Security: Engineers/Architects, Program Managers, Analyst

Systems Security Engineer:
Linux systems engineering, strong scripting skill with python, puppet or golang services for automation, AWS, or other relevant cloud expertise.
Locations: Herndon, VA, or Bellevue, WA, or  San Francisco, CA

Network Security Engineer:
Large scale network security, JunOS, IOS, stateful firewall platforms, networking, Python, Shell, Perl, Agile, zero downtime environment, network analysis tools, OSCP, GCIH, GCIA, GPEN, GPPA, CCNP, CCNP Security, CCIE Security.
Locations:  Herndon, VA or San Francisco, CA or Bellevue, W

CSIRT Engineers:
The Security Incident Handler is responsible for leading the response to low and medium severity incidents and participating in the response to high severity incidents. This position is based in our 24x7 operations center and may require occasional weekend on-call shifts.
Location: Herndon, VA

Cyber Detection, Response, & Threat Engineers

Systems Security Engineer- GIA

Network Security Engineer/Network Engineer

Detection Cloud Engineers

Threat Intelligence Engineers

Endpoint Security Engineers

Systems Security Engineer

GovCloud Security Engineer

Network Security Engineer- GIA


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  • Salesforce akwzny
    Salesforce will match almost any offer, but might lowball you to begin with. WLB is absolutely great. People wfh a lot. 4% annual merit increase and above 100% bonus is standard, plus you get more if you are good. Stock Refreshers are given only to top performers.
    Apr 17 1
    • T-Mobile / Design 6lsh8af
      Apr 18
  • Microsoft zThc54
    They are very behind and the leadership sacrifices quality for scope, a lot. The engineering quality is below average compared to the ones I worked with at Microsoft. People pretty much enjoy the WLB which means taking good use of the unnecessary process that gets in the way. Majority of the people here are from windows team whose mindset is still very old school. If you are looking for leaning faster and more innovation, I wouldn’t recommend. If you are looking for WLB and not care about others that much, this might not be a bad place.
    May 13 2
    • Splunk err400
      Are you working at Salesforce right now or is this what you have heard?
      May 13
    • Microsoft zThc54
      I am working at sales force now
      May 22
  • Nvidia ECTT56
    They are building solid product security and infra teams these days. Good work and TC from what I've heard.

    It is *Salesforce* at the end of the day, though. But if you want to work on cool stuff and get paid, maybe it doesn't matter so much.
    May 8 2
    • Splunk err400
      Any examples of the ‘cool stuff’?
      May 8
    • Nvidia ECTT56
      Solving security at scale, consuming new products and architectures, finding bugs in interesting codebases, etc.
      May 9
  • Microsoft zPbXzD601
    I've heard they have good WLB. I had coworkers from Salesforce.
    Apr 17 1
  • T-Mobile / Design 6lsh8af
    Any Salesforce security folks on here that can comment on some of the job titles above? Any opinions on how you like working in security at Salesforce?
    Apr 18 0
  • New / Strategy gigawatts
    My company is a Salesforce partner (they’re also our investor and customer - oh SV) and while I don’t work directly for them I love working “with” them. I always engage with a great group of folks from that side fwiw
    Oct 19 0
  • T-Mobile iser
    I'm curious about the Systems Security Engineer position shown above. Anyone work on that team? What's the day to day work like? Any advice on what to study for the interview?
    Aug 15 0
  • Splunk ghj123
    Apr 18 0
  • T-Mobile / Design 6lsh8af
    Nice, any insight into security teams?
    Apr 17 0


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