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Hey all. Can Salesforce friends (from their sales org. only please) shed some light on AVP vs RVP vs Sr. Director etc. Very confusing from the outside looking in. Looking to get an idea of who falls where in the hierarchy.

Can you provide general comp info as well.

I’m considering a move and want to know what to shoot for. Background: 9 yoe, 2014-2018 at FAANG managing enterprise accounts (was both IC and manager). Sr. Director at Yelp for past year.

Opinions on what products/groups are best to sell would be great too.

Greatly appreciated!


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    CircleCI Sales

    8 months into my first job as a SDR at CircleCI. #1 top SDR throughout the company - looking to accelerate my career into an Account Executive role.
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    TC or GTFO.
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    Real time salary information from verified employees