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Microsoft tGjK75
Mar 15, 2018 10 Comments

What is the hierarchy in salesforce for product managers? Is principal the same level as a director in marketing? About to get an offer.

What would be the approx salary range. Role is in Bellevue.


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  • Microsoft VSlC86
    I hear it starts with VP. VP 2, Senior VP, Principal VP, ...
    Mar 15, 20182
    • Salesforce / Productdsnutz
      Says the guy whose company is the only one on earth to call them “Program Managers”...
      Mar 16, 2018
    • Microsoft VSlC86
      Haha, good comeback. True!
      Mar 16, 2018
  • Salesforce / EngXwdw00
    It's the show where everyone is a director and the titles don't matter.
    Mar 18, 20180
  • Salesforce yOBl76
    Funny. Titles are inflated but they go PM, Sr PM, Director, Sr Director, VP, SVP, EVP.
    Mar 15, 20180
  • Salesforce CDor56
    I’d say principle at Microsoft is Director at Salesforce
    Mar 15, 20180
  • Amazon / Product


    I’m a Sr. PM at Amazon and looking for a referral at Salesforce. Anyone willing to help? Happy to share more details over DM. Will prep well and see that you get that referral moolah💰 😉
    Apr 60
  • OpenText / Product


    Capital One, ADP, Deloitte
    OP, what’s your current level and what did you get offered at SF? TC? YOE? I am planning to apply so trying to get an understanding of the levels too.
    Mar 220
  • Microsoft / EngCwCJ71
    Congrats! I have seen director or VP being common title for Sr and Principal microsoft levels
    Mar 21, 20180
  • Splunk ninjabot
    Everybody is a VP
    Mar 18, 20180

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