Salesforce WLB or FB money

Visa tv
Oct 9 10 Comments

Offer from both companies. Almost same base pay.
Salesforce - no joining. RSUs yes, but no refreshers
FB - 100k joining bonus. RSUs and Refreshers.
Heard that Salesforce has much better WLB and peace of mind than FB.
So it is WLB vs money. Which one to prefer?



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  • Salesforce Salesfarce
    Go to Facebook. Salesforce has great WLB but Facebook's isn't that bad compared to most normal tech companies. Salesforce's is just rest and vest level without much vest - you'll work 20 hours a week here.

    You'll also most likely stagnate because you'll be doing uninteresting maintenance work or boring feature development on legacy tech and code.

    Unless you're literally starting a family now, go to Facebook. I was in the exact same situation and would choose Facebook if I could go back.
    Oct 9 3
    • Salesforce curious01
      So if one is going to get married, he should not choose FB ?
      Oct 9
    • Square Ifca00
      Facebook is great for people with families, a lot of their benefits are geared towards employees who are also parents.
      Oct 9
    • Salesforce Salesfarce
      @Square Salesforce is also great for families (better than FB in some respects, like with the amount of parental leave). But I'm not talking about benefits. I'm talking about the raw free time you'd have to do parenting stuff. And even work from home full time if you want.

      @curious01 Sort of. It's more about how much free time you want. FB is great when you're young and single because it pays extremely well and establishes a strong brand on your resume. 50 hour weeks are nothing in your mid twenties. When you have a spouse and a kid or two, it's less accommodating.
      Oct 9
  • FB. Money does in fact buy happiness and freedom.
    Oct 9 0
  • Tableau tabberooni
    Do you have a moral compass? Then go to SF, otherwise take the $
    Oct 9 2
    • Salesforce Salesfarce
      Oh please, we work on plenty of shit just as questionable as FB 🙄
      Oct 9
    • Tableau tabberooni
      That sucks to hear ☹️ can you clarify a bit, since we're about to be absorbed by SF? I wouldn't work for FB, so not sure I would want to be at SF either if that's the case.
      Oct 9
  • SAP opuygjg
    Both offer details ?
    Oct 9 0
  • Wayfair BScK77
    I've worked at Salesforce and am starting soon at Facebook, so I'll let you know in a few months.
    Oct 9 0


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