Salesforce annual review

Microsoft Tim Nadela
Jan 8 11 Comments

Microsoft L62 currently(TC 200K, YOE 6) and not expecting a promotion to L63 in the next year.

Have a Sr SMTS offer from Salesforce for a TC 270K. Between Seattle & SFO, this TC bump looks nominal to me.

I'm wondering what is the Salesforce annual review time. Is it Dec-Jan annual time frame or quarterly like Microsoft? If I accept the offer now, when should I expect my first salary revision to be?


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TOP 11 Comments
  • MuleSoft 💩 ity
    270k for an SMTS sounds like a great offer for Salesforce!
    Jan 81
    • Microsoft Tim Nadela
      Ohh. They liked some of my past projects. That could be the reason. But, having said that - this TC diff doesn't excite me as much to move to diff state. Hance looking at the revision timeline. Negotiations are kind of closed now. Don't want to renew as well
      Jan 8
  • Lyft / OtherNewa
    35% bump in salary is good for Seattle to Seattle move but no where close for Seattle to SF move.

    If you want a different life style hence want to move to SF then that's a seperate deal.

    SF TC = 1.5 Seattle TC for a family of 2 with non working spouse.

    General calculation is 10% for taxes, 10% for cost of living, 10% each for every kid you have, 10% for non working spouse.
    Jan 82
    • Microsoft ivanka
      Sounds like the liberals in California are fucking people up the asshole with taxes
      Jan 9
    • Salesforce whorizon
      Interesting choice of handle
      Jan 10
  • Workday / EngIeCnw49
    Fiscal year starts feb 1. You’d need to start by around nov I think to be eligible. Even then the raise would be very small
    Jan 121
  • Facebook IMhH26
    Can you give the split for Salesforce?
    Jan 130
  • Salesforce End13dh
    Yes please, considering that everyone with 3 years of experience is senior at salesforce, this sounds like a amazing TC.
    Jan 200
  • Salesforce okyfnvt
    Which team?
    Jan 90
  • Salesforce xio81
    What’s the breakdown of your TC?
    Jan 90

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