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Splunk mouse3
Jan 18 3 Comments

How are the divisions of Salesforce like Mulesoft, Heroku, etc viewed and treated by the Salesforce mother ship, specifically in Sales? Are they shining stars? Parasites? Ignored? Do people easily move between the groups? I hear Salesforce sales culture is becoming more cutthroat, but this may be just cranks talking. TIA.


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  • Salesforce truhhbcdho
    Mulesoft is still not fully integrated. Heroku is still treated as it's own company.
    Jan 18 2
    • Quip TruthHurt
      Mulesoft is mission critical for salesforce and they have good leadership. heroku has done a great job and therefore maintains independence. quip not good on several levels. Marc still rocking on the visionary side... keeps SF exciting to wallstreet.
      Sep 8
    • Broadcom Ltd. mnsj
      Is Mulesoft integrated now? Does Mulesoft employee has the same benefit as salesforce now?
      Sep 30